Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bringing Noah Home!

I can't believe that Noah is already a week old. It has been a LONG week. He didn't sleep too great the first couple of nights but has been amazing since then. We have been having to set an alarm at night for every three hours to feed him because he keeps wanting to sleep through the night already. Our pediatrician like babies to eat every 2 to 3 hours for their first month. He is also eating really well. He started nursing 10 minutes after he was born which was crazy to me because I am so used to having to train my kids how to nurse. He went on lights on Friday night for his jaundice. He was at an 18 and needed to get down to a 13. We took him to the lab on Sunday, after he had been on the lights for 48 hours, and he had already dropped to a 13 which was excellent. Aidan also had jaundice. It is nice that they don't have to go to the hospital to receive treatment. They bring the machine to you. The only thing is that they have to stay on it 24/7 which makes nursing and diaper changing pretty difficult.

Today was my first day having all three of them on my own. Cliff had a week of paternity leave which was such a blessing. The day went pretty well. The only problem we have been having is that Ryla has been super jealous. Every time I pick up Noah she wants to be held. I am trying to give her as much attention as I can but I think it is just going to take some time. I also started back up with seeing my clients tonight. Luckily, I only had to take one week off from seeing them. This meant that Noah had his first bottle from Daddy. Cliff said he did great but that Ryla through a huge 45 minute fit. She still takes a bottle to get to bed at night so she got super jealous that Noah was using one of her bottles.

Tomorrow morning I am taking all three of them out for the first time by myself. Aidan and I both have haircuts at my friend Laura's house. We also have church tomorrow evening so all together a big day for us and Noah. Wish us luck!

I'm hoping to get a family pic soon. Since my kids were sick we didn't have them up at the hospital and haven't had the opportunity to have someone get a pic of all of us since then. Hopefully soon though.


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Ryla said...

love the picture of ryla with the little glow worm. Glad his numbers dropped quickly! We didn'T have to do that with lawson, just sunshine. Hope your outting with them all went great, I am sure it was an adventure though.