Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aidan's first sleepover!

While Ryla was in the hospital we had a sleepover planned for Aidan.  We thought about canceling with everything that was going on but since the hospital kicked me and Noah out and Aidan hadn't been getting much attention from us lately we decided to continue on with it.  We told Aidan that as soon as he got his bunkbeds he could have a friend spend the night.  Of course he did not forget!  We decided to invite his friend Jack (the boy I used to watch).  He is 6 so we thought this would work out well.  Jack was so kind to Aidan.  It was funny to watch the age difference.  I put a movie on for them and Aidan wanted to cuddle with Jack.  Jack looked at me and just smiled.  I told Aidan it was time to take a bathe and Aidan asked if Jack could take one with him.  Jack thought this was very funny.  I explained to Aidan that his friends would not be taking baths with him.  I did have to go in the bedroom several times to tell Aidan to be quiet at bedtime.  He was so excited that he just couldn't settle down.  The next day I heard him "playing sleepover" and telling his baby sitter that if she didn't settle down she was going to have to go sleep some where else. Too cute.

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