Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ryla Update

Ryla is doing so much better.  We got her lab results back and her red blood cell count is going up.  However, because it is still so low they are having her do weekly blood draws to monitor her progress.  The medicine they put her on for her tummy seems to be working.  She has only vomited once since coming home from the hospital.  This also means that her appetite has improved.  She gained half a pound in the week leaving the hospital which means she is at a whopping 19 pounds :)  They have also found no more blood in her stools which is AWESOME!!!  Right now, unfortunately, all of the kids have pretty bad colds and coughs.  So there hasn't been much sleep going on lately but we are pushing through.

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H said...

Glad she's doing better! Been thinking about you!