Monday, August 27, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray for Technology

I am not the biggest fan of technology but I have to say there are many times when I really enjoy it!  One of those times is keeping in touch with Cliff while he is at work.  We are very blessed that he has a job the allows and encourages him to keep in touch with his family through out the day.  We facetime almost every day and are constantly sending pictures.  Cliff even had me facetime him one day so that he could get Aidan to take a nap for me and it worked!  It helps the nine hours go by a little faster.  Here are a FEW of the pics from last week.

 "Hey Daddy......Nap?  What's that?"

"I painted the wall for mommy while she was in the shower!  Aren't you proud Daddy?"

"We miss you!!!!  Hope you are having fun at work!"

"I am.  Miss you guys to!"

"Look what I made all by myself!"

"Dad I've outgrown this....What else you got?"

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