Saturday, August 25, 2012


Sometimes I still can't believe that I have three kids!  Sometimes I REALLY can't believe that they are three and under.  I get asked every week how Cliff and I manage it all.  My response is always the same.  I have GREAT kids and a GREAT husband.  I will have to do a post later on our daily routine.  It is a lot different then when I posted about it 6 months ago (mainly because I definitely don't get up early to clean in the morning, I'm lucky to have showered before Cliff leaves)  All I really know is that at the end of the day when Cliff and I plop down in bed to enjoy a few moments to ourselves....we have completed another day with these three amazing cuties.  Every day is different and every day we can't believe that God let us be their Mom and Dad!

Here are a few pics.  It is so hard for me to get pics of the three of them together, which is strange because they love to be together.  I will have to get better at that.


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