Friday, November 2, 2012

Noah at 9 Months

My Noah is growing up so fast.  This year has flown by with our move and it has made our little guy's first year zoom by.  Here is what Noah has been up to.  
Wears size 3 diapers
Size 9 month clothes
Eating solids 3 times a day
Nurses several times a day
Able to pull himself up to a standing position
Started crawling a day before his 9 month birthday (not very well yet but he's getting there)
I took him to his doctors appointment today.  He is doing great! He is 29 inches and 18.44 pounds.  That puts him in the 17% for weight and 75% for height.  We still cannot seem to get him sleeping well.  I think I can safely say that he is and AWFUL sleeper.  However, he does nap well.  He naps around 2-3 hours a day but the time in which he naps are still not scheduled.  The main problem is that he needs a  routine but between church, Ryla, and Aidan's preschool the poor thing cannot get one.  The doctor told me today that she thinks the main problem is that he is not eating enough.  We are working on that starting today.  Little tyke will clench his mouth so tight so we are having to be creative.  I will say though that he is sleeping much better than he was at 8 months.  I can now get him down for his nap and bedtime without a struggle.  He will even put himself to sleep about half the time.  Our main issue is him waking up at night.  It is still 3-6 times a night.  Thankfully, however, I nurse him and can put him back down.  Crying it out just didn't work for him.  He will cry, literally, for hours and then wake the other two up.  So we are just trying to work through it.  Like I said he has improved a lot in the last month.  It used to be always 6 times a night and now it is 3-6 LOL.  Hopefully at 10 months I can give a better report.  Let's pray for good eating!  On another note....Isn't he HANDSOME!!!
Noah has decided to start showing us his personality.  He has become a total different baby in the last 3 weeks or so.  We always thought his behavior was similar to Aidan and therefore was going to be a lot like Aidan.  We pictured him being very mellow, chill, and easygoing.  We were WRONG...LOL.  This little guys is going to be a mirror image of his older sister.  He could not be prouder that he can now go wherever he pleases.  He can't stay still for a second and this includes diaper changes.  Cliff and I always have to tag team for this now.  He can't be left alone for very long before he needs to be entertained or to entertain you.  It will be fun to see how he and Ryla's personalities fit (or don't) together.  More than anything He still grins from ear to ear and has the best laugh you will ever hear.  Love him so much!!


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