Monday, November 26, 2012

Ryla turns 2!!!!

My little sassy britches turned 2 on the 16th.  Our Ryla adds so much personality and spunk to our family.  I can't take her anywhere without someone commenting on how cute she is and the one question I get at least three times a week..."Where does she get that red hair?"  In the last two months she has been talking up a storm.  Her previous health issues slowed down her speech for awhile but now it seems that she is learning a new word every day.  Her hair is finally starting to come in as well.  It is going to be course, strawberry blonde, and curly.  What a combo huh?  She begins every morning calling out from her crib "Daddy Daddy."  She then moves on to her 2 to 3 course meal for breakfast.  She simply won't stop eating at any part of the day.  A typical breakfast is 2 to 3 bowls of oatmeal or cereal.  She is such a cuddler and will cuddle with anyone she meets.  I often hear at bible class that she likes to just cuddle with whoever will hold her and watch what is going on.  Right now she is climbing on everything!!!  I just know she is going to be the child that breaks several bones throughout her childhood.  She is still in 12 month clothes and is wearing a size 3 diaper (same as Noah) and size 5 shoe.  She is going to be tiny!

We decided to start doing one birthday party a year between the three kids.  Since she will more than likely not remember this birthday, we decided to give her a small family party this year.  Cliff's mom was here along with Uncle Kevin and our dear friends the Colwells.  I don't know I don't do it like this more often.  It was so easy and she had a blast.  


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