Thursday, August 8, 2013

Noah at 18 Months

          Noah turned 18 months on July 31st.  So weird to be getting out of the baby stage.  It didn't phase me much with the other two because I always had another baby but knowing he is our last makes it hard.  Last week, Cliff took the older two to Mo Ranch for the church retreat.  Noah and I stayed behind and I wanted to take the opportunity to have some good one on one time with him.  He had never been much into books because we could never get him to sit long enough to read to him.  However, without any distractions I was able to read to him a lot over the 3 days.  Now, he can't get enough books.  I would say we are reading to him about 2 hours a day right now.  
           He still is climbing ALL THE TIME.  It might sound crazy but we have decided to give up on keeping him from climbing on the tables.  Even when we would move the chairs he would just move them to the table again.  He hasn't fallen yet and am hoping that when he does it will serve as a self-learning experience for him.  
           I started taking his pacifier away and ever since he has been talking up a storm.  He has several words in his vocabulary now and is starting to put sentences together.  He also, unfortunately, has starting hitting. He is our first of the three to do this so Cliff and I have been trying to work with him.  He mainly does it when he wants to play.  He sees his older sibling wrestling a lot and thinks that is what he is doing.  However, to get another child to play with him he just goes up and starts hitting and then steps back and smiles thinking he is playing.  He also does it when he is really frustrated with someone.  He is slowly getting better as we work with him but we are hoping it will also be something he grows out of.  Here are some stats.

Size 12 or 18 month clothes
All 4 mollars and 6 other teeth
Size 4 diapers
Still takes a bottle but enjoys a sippy cup as well
Some of his favorite words include: MaMa, DaDa, Banana, Dank You, Please, Bye Bye, Quack Quack, Doggy, Dadan (Aidan), Wyla (Ryla), and ball.
Hates baths and swimming.  

Doctor appointment next week.  I'll come in and fill in his stats like I usually do.


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