Monday, August 26, 2013

phone pics

The last week has been filled with fun activities as the summer comes to a close.  Here are some pics I grabbed through out the week.

Cliff and I took Aidan to the circus for a one on one date with him.  Going to try and start doing this every year with each of the kids.  He had a great time!

We went to a block party where we got to meet lots of new families in our neighborhood.  Aidan, especially, had a blast.  We will be starting a small group with 4 to 5 other families in the neighborhood in the next couple of weeks!

We finally set up our trampoline and jungle gym.  We hadn't put it up yet due to the heat but finally decided it was time.  Needless to say, the kids are enjoying it.  We go out first thing in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.

Found Aidan like this in the bathroom.  Had to capture the moment to show his college girlfriend.

Always asking to go swinging.  She would swing for hours if I would let her.

Ordered some decor for my dining room.  All the kids' one year photos.

Pic of Ryla letting me know that she couldn't take her nap until all her babies were asleep.  Cutie

Noah is becoming more independent which also means that he doesn't like anyone to help him with his food!!!!

Getting into trouble!

Noah takes over the scale.  

One of the few moments when they aren't screaming at each other.

More climbing

Don't worry he was buckled.

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Ryla said...

So many great pictures!! So funny that Noah is already taking over in weight, knew it would not be long though :) Hope Ryla is doing well though!!