Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aidan and Basketball

Aidan tried out basketball for the first time this year.  In his word "This is way better than T-ball, you get to run all the time."  So it looks like we may be sticking with it.  He told me he would still like to try out swim team and football as well.  We will see which one he chooses for the Spring.  Aidan really enjoyed being on a team.  This was clear as Cliff and I watched him.  We were impressed to see how well he was able to demonstrate being a team player at the age of 5.  He liked shooting but also enjoyed passing and guarding.  Cliff helped coach again.  It was much better with a co-coach.  The little ones still don't like Daddy helping and not giving them attention which at times proved to be difficult but we go through it.  A lot of games he would take turns holding them.  SUPER DADDY!  Overall, we were so proud of Aidan.  He tried really hard and learned so much (like always)!

I took this after his third game where he scored for the first time and 6 points total!


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