Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween this year.  Our neighborhood went all out again!

Aidan went as a ninja.  Shocking I know.....  He chose last May.  He insisted on bringing his sword with him.  Next year I'm hoping he chooses something where we get to see his face :-)

Noah is still not at a age where he wants to choose his costume so I got to choose for him.  I went with Bam Bam because Cliff and I feel he is a real life Bam Bam.  I showed him a few of the Flintstones shows so he could learn to say"Bam Bam."  He liked the videos but wouldn't say it.  Instead, he went around saying "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  Ryla liked the idea as going as Pebbles but I think next year I won't be able to persuade her to do coordinating outfits.  

Two amazing friends helped me with their costumes.  Denise Black, our children's minister, made Noah's costume and my good friend Natalie Clayton made Ryla's dress.  I gathered all the fabric and put on the black triangles but that's it.  Thank you ladies for your help!!!!

 We met at one of our neighbors houses to meet up with all our small group friends for pizza and trick or treating.  The kiddos were so cute!  

We carved our pumpkins the night before.  Well, really Cliff carved and the four of us watched and ate caramel apples.  I forgot to grab a pic but Cliff did a scary face per Aidan's request and did a gymnast for Ryla!  My hubby rocks!


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