Saturday, February 28, 2015

Imagination Inc.

What do you do when you've got a houseful of pent up childhood energy? Apparently, you do whatever you can dream up. Costumes, wars, and epic adventures make up the free time exploits in our family. One of the most dangerous places for us to be is in our backyard, We've always got to be sure that our fiercest warriors are ready for anything.

Of course, this requires a vigilant watchman. And if you somehow manage to sneak up on this guy, then you're in for the shocking experience of discovering a little monster in his underwear...

All of this battle readiness is so that we can protect our darling princess. It's unfortunate that her princess training hasn't taught her how to coordinate colors between her dress and her shoes, but who are we to critique a princess?
 "What are those neighbors up to?"
 Oh yeah, and don't forget the dashing prince with a serious ability to strike a pose. It's only a little awkward.

You know it's serious when the battle moves inside. It's gonna get crazy in here.

And how about we round it all out with some ice cream and cuddle time.


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