Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Greetings Tooth Fairy!

      Aidan lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago.  He has been talking about his friends loosing teeth all year.  He gave us an update, at least once a week, at dinner regarding who in his class had lost a tooth.  His frustration about not having a wiggly tooth got intense in February.  I even got an email from his teacher letting me know that he started asking for prayer requests to get a wiggly tooth.  
      Well, about a week after that I picked him up from school and experienced the most precious moment with him that I can remember.  As soon as he got in the car he SCREAMED "Mommy, guess what?  I have a wiggly tooth!!!"  I have never seen him so happy!!!!!!!  We instantly pulled the car over so that we could FaceTime Dad and tell him.  
     We worked on his wiggly tooth for about a week and finally he let me pull it out.  Dad was very jealous.  The tooth fairy left a dollar.  He already has his second wiggly tooth and we are receiving our hourly updates!


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