Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break means a whirlwind trip to the great state of Kansas.  It's a good thing Nana and Papa are awesome, because I-35 is the worst. We were pretty bummed to miss out on time with Benjamin, Harrison, and Lauren (sick kids are never a good thing), but we were able to see a lot of Travis and his family!  

It's hard to tell from her smile, but Nana was pretty excited to have the munchkins invade her once peaceful home. She did have to go to work some, but it gave me a chance to hear the kids ask 1,000 times a day when she was going to be home
We always knew that Papa had some mad carpentry skills. It turns out he's also a chess guru. He tried to share some of his wisdom with Aidan- we'll see if it sticks.  That coupled with evening wagon rides to the pond and Papa taking them to play hide and seek at the church building was better than Christmas morning! Oh yeah, and he let Aidan shoot his pellet gun. No big deal.

We don't get to see our older cousins very often but when we do my kids our starstruck!  We missed out on seeing Ali, but cousin Taylor came to the rescue.  Ryla used to be infatuated with Taylor Swift, but not anymore. Taylor Sears is now Ryla's new hero. Both Taylor and Matt were so patient with the kids and played with them for two days straight!
 Of course seeing Travis and Kari is always fun!  I know, he's kind of old, but he's still funny.  Wish we lived closer!  He's a great stress reliever!!!!!

We made some great memories.  It made my heart happy that age gaps didn't stop these 5 from spending time together.  Counting down till the next trip!!



Leila Emack said...

You were at the park right by our house. Isn't it great? I didn't get a chance to talk with you but did get a glimpse of your kiddos. Come back soon!!
Leila Emack

Ryla Rowedder said...

Looks like it was a great trip! Yay for fun family time!!

merawoods said...

Family time is absolutely the best!!