Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mt. Bonnell Adventure

My favorite day of the week is Friday. There's a special feeling of freedom to have a day off when most folks are stuck at work. Since we're still a month away from Austin area school being out for the summer, we're trying really hard to get out and do some things when no one else is around. Our first stop was Mt. Bonnell. If you live anywhere that has real mountains, you'll make fun of us for calling this a mountain. None the less, it was a still a great outing for the family. 

Most of our time was spent on the stairs. There was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 billion roley poleys on the stairs. the kids had to touch and count each of them and capture as many as possible. 

We make it to the top and enjoy a really great view of the hill country. Aidan and Ryla are fully aware that this is a great photo opp, so they take the positions and look cute. Noah doesn't care about pictures, though. He's still hunting for bugs...

We finally convinced the younger two that they wouldn't be eaten alive by monsters if we took a train through the woods. Aidan thought it was an awesome adventure into the wilderness. Noah wanted to find more bugs, and Ryla wanted to get back home so she could put her princess dress back on. Ok, that last one's not true. She may like the pink frills, but she can handle some action and adventure with the best of them.

Mom said she wanted a picture with the munchkins. Noah believes this is code for being a poop and cry a lot. The good news is that he does have a relatively cute "I'm in a bad mood face."

Ryla thought the morning was pretty awesome and decided to celebrate with some gymnastics- shocker. Lot's of fun was had by everyone, and we're pretty excited for a month of adventure.


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