Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Miss You Nap Time

Ever since we added a second kid to the family, we've fearfully anticipated the day when none of our kids would nap any more. Don't get me wrong, we love the munchkins to death, but there's something about that sweet silence of nap time in the middle of the day to give you the boost you need to be a good parent. That day has finally arrived...and our fears were warranted. 

Noah's first experiment with quiet time had a strong book theme. This manifest itself with every book being removed from the shelf. Not some books. Not most books. Every. Single. Book.
No big deal, though. Kids will be kids, right? Day two showed promise. It was a much more minimalistic adventure that really centered around puppets. It showed progress, understanding, and hope. 

Then there was day three. Legos.... Not cool, Noah. Not cool. After day three we told him he could have a donut if he didn't make a mess during quiet time. Thank the Lord he will sell out for one single donut.
In the few weeks that have passed since these pics were taken we've seen our bribery rewarded. On those special days, when Noah is in a really good mood, he'll take us by the hand and lead us into a perfectly cleaned up room and give us "Ta da!!!!" He's now very proud of his ability to clean up after himself. Maybe this parenting thing isn't completely impossible. 

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