Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mother's Day

It's time for your favorite guest writer to throw in his two cents. Come on, how could I let Laura write the post about Mother's Day. That would be like the year I didn't get her a card because I believed her when she said she didn't want one. Lesson learned. 

Now I'm really good at pretending like I work hard, but here's the truth. When I get to the end of my weekend, I'm not too disappointed to head back to the office. Because my office is quiet. In my office, there is no one whipping buggers on me. In my office, there is no one asking me for milk...again. 

This is not how my wife spends her week. She spends it neck deep in small child grossness, temper tantrums, irrational arguments, and constant need. Then there's the occasional, "Thank you mommy." thrown in there to make it all worth while. 

Mother's Day this year started on Saturday with a Mother/Daughter Tea Party. The tea was good, the crafts were nice, but the picture is the real winner. I'd just like to say that it is not fair that they are both so cute. How can I say no to either of them? My blessing is my curse.

Holidays that are celebrated on Sundays present a bit of challenge. This picture was taken during the 90 minute respite we had between church in the morning at Westover and in the evening at South Church. But we did get a mostly cute pic of the kids with mamma.
I'll wrap this up by simply reminding myself- and you- that Mother's Day is a token Hallmark holiday, that barely scratches the surface of the thanks the this mom deserves. Thanks for making our world go round, love.

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