Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soccer. Enough Said

Aidan is super excited that he's getting to play soccer this Spring. The kid just loves every single second of it. His favorite part is defense. Scoring goals is a close second. I'll admit, his team isn't the best in the league, but he doesn't really care. He just loves to get out there and run a million miles and hour from the kick off to final whistle. 

This is Aidan's reaction after scoring his first goal. We don't watch a lot of soccer in our house, so he doesn't know that he's supposed to run around the field waving his shirt over his head. But there's still time for him to learn that. 

I wouldn't say that Noah is a huge fan of going to soccer games. When he wasn't throwing his chair around the side lines, he was running across the field. The upside is that he kept his clothes on. We'll celebrate the small victories.

Now please sit back and enjoy the string of action oriented photos that capture his prowess on the field.

"Mom look how sweaty I am.  I worked really hard."

We totally didn't realize that our neighbors were signing their daughter up to play soccer, as well. Thus, they ended up on different teams. Perhaps they both would have had a better game had they not spent half their time flirting with each other.

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