Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Not So Memorable Memorial Day

This one is a little embarrassing. Cliff and I grew up in tornado alley. We know what a real storm is. But freedom is found in transparency. In the month of May it rained pretty much every single day of the month. Which was great, considering we were in the midst of a hardcore drought. 

On Memorial Day we had the largest rain storm of the month. Tornado warnings were in effect, lighting was flashing, thunder shook the house. Cliff and I were watching the radar map. We finally heard that there was a tornado spotted about 20 miles southwest of us. So, we drug the kids to the bathroom, threw a mattress in front of the window and prepared for the heart of the storm. 

The kids sat in the tub for about 5 minutes while the rain poured down before they stated getting really restless. So we pulled out the big guns and set up the laptop and let the kids binge on Netflix. 
No tornados ever came within 20 miles of the house. Nor did any even touch down. Yet, we spent the better part of Memorial Day evening hunkered down in our bathroom taking shelter from the rain.

But it did rain A LOT. We topped out at just over 4 inches of standing water in the back yard.

On a more serious note, the folks downstream from us were ravaged by some serious flooding. The town of Wimberly was hit the hardest. Many lives were lost, and many more homes destroyed. So when you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for the folks whose lives were torn up by that. And if you feel yourself moved to throw some help their way, check out

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