Thursday, June 11, 2015

End of the school year CAMPOUT

       Aidan wanted to do something big to celebrate all his hard work in Kindergarten.  I believe his actual words were "Mommy, when will I get paid for all my hard work this year in Kindergarten?"  After I broke the bad news, I told him that I DID think he deserved a reward.  We decided to ask his two best friends from Fortis to have a campout in our backyard. There was much anticipation involved.  The three talked about it for weeks.  

Yes, we know it is ridiculous that they are sleeping in a tent and watching TV at the same time. But how cool is it to be able to put these two awesome sleepover experiences together? 
       We had a lot of rain around this time and I wasn't sure until that night if they were actually going to be able to sleep outside.  I looked at the forecast and it called for clear skies.  I woke up at 4 in the morning to the sound of rain.  Cliff slept outside with them and said they slept through everything. He really complained about having to sleep in his hammock. Ok, that's a lie. He threw a fleece blanket over the hammock and thought it was the greatest thing he had done in weeks. He really needs a hobby.  
        The night included s'mores, multiple nerf gun battles, two movies, going to sleep at 1,  and a night full of memories!


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