Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Springfield 2015!

This will be the first of a couple of posts that recounts our whirlwind tour of the midwest. Over the course of 10 days, we drove 2,000 miles, made almost that many memories, and had a great time catching up with family.

We started with a stop in good ol' Springfield, MO. We swam, hung out at a fireworks show, watched baseball, got my sister's boat out on the lake, ate a bunch of great food, and played around at Bass Pro Shops. Big thanks to Grandma and Aunt Kelli for making sure we were well taken care of and had a great time!

Ryla got tired of standing in line to get her face painted, so she pulled the, "I'm a really sweet little sister" card and conned Aidan into holding her for about 10 minutes.

And then there's Noah...just putting out the vibe.
The face painting lady was legit! Aidan wants to be a tiger for Halloween. For some crazy reason he thinks that mom and dad can recreate this look. Be prepared for a Halloween post of a disappointed kid that mildly resembles a tiger. The other two were pretty pumped about their face art, too.

Dad is pretty adamant that Ryla needs to stop it with the model pose. It gives him serious anxiety about the teenage years.

Aunt Kelli and Grandma hooked us up with tickets to a minor league game- which the munchkins loved.

And Aidan decided that Grandma needed to see him rip a tooth out of his mouth. Just for the record, this tooth was not really ready to come out, but Aidan was dead set on some tooth fairy cash. He straight up tore the tooth out. Dad was pretty proud of him.
And Aunt Kelli's boat is awesome! Enough said.


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