Friday, August 14, 2015


This summer was a whirlwind of fun times, good experiences, and cool memories. There was a lot that happened. Too much to keep up with, in fact. So, you get the privilege of one stop photo dumb of all the goodness.

It all began with sports camp for Aidan. He was able to go with a few of his friends.  They played a different sport each day and our little stud had a killer time.

And then there was swimming. A lot of swimming. Like a whole lot of swimming. A family from church lives just a couple miles away from us. They have a great pool in their backyard. They've been kind enough to let us come over whenever we want to. So we spent a lot of time over there. Through all of that time we ended up with two kids who can swim and some pretty solid tans- except for Ryla...She's still as white as a ghost. 


Then there were the hallmarks of summer...friends and ice cream. We made sure to get a lot of that in.

And we went to VBS...
Then there was another VBS....
And another VBS...
And- you guessed it- another VBS.

One of the really unique things Aidan was able to do this summer was Science Camp. I know, it's totally a nerd thing. But when you think about who his parents are, it makes perfect sense. He got to make some cool stuff, learn some neat lessons, make a shirt, and hang with his friends. 

We even spent some time at the library. Don't be deceived, Aidan does not like to read (we are working on it). But he does love to look at pictures.
We've absolutely had a great summer. It's hard to believe that the kids are already back in school. I know it will only be a few short weeks and they'll be asking us 1,000 times a day when it will be summer again. Soon enough, my munchkins. Soon enough.

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