Friday, August 14, 2015

MO Ranch 2015

Each summer, our church does a family retreat out in the middle of nowhere Texas. This is the first time we've been with all three kids since the first summer we lived here. We had an obnoxious amount of fun.

We took cute pictures with friends...
And took cute pictures of friends...
We swam... Well, everyone else swam. Aidan snorkeled. He literally didn't take his head out of the water for hours at a time. I really have no idea how he was able to be so focused on one things for such a long period of time.

Hung out with cute babies....
And made new friends. Now this desrves and explination. Noah didn't have any other boys at Mo Ranch his age, But he had some awesome buddies. These guys let Noah follow them around everywhere. They picked flowers with him, played in the wagon with him. went played tag with him, threw rocks with him, ate with him. Noah actually has this picture hanging over his bed because he had so much fun hanging with the big kids.

There were teenagers there, too. They pretty much acted like anyone over the age of 25 was boring and irrelevant. I really can't argue with them on that.
Let's not forget the obligatory awkward staff pictures. We weren't even trying to be awkward, it just happens that way.

We prayed, we worshiped, we were reminded why we like each other so much.

Then when all the sappy stuff was over, we went and swam some more.

I couldn't explain this picture in any way whatsoever.

Mo Ranch 2015 was pretty awesome for everyone. Looking forward to more fun next summer. 

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