Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy School Year!

It has begun! Round two at Fortis Academy kicked off just a few weeks ago, and we're running full tilt. Ryla is thrilled that this year she gets to go to PreK. The first challenge we have is being able to know which teacher goes with which kid. Normally, this ins't a big deal, but this year, both kids have Mrs. Ruckle. Not only do they have the same name, but they're both great teachers. So, it's confusing at times, but absolutely a win.
The first day was so much fun for everyone. We were blown away by how grown up Aidan looked this year in his uniform- with no front teeth and his fancy hair. And Ryla didn't look cute at all...

Another exciting thing this year is that our new location allows us to feel a little more like an established school. We get a sign out front, along with classrooms that don't have to be packed up every night. It completely changes the dynamics in the school and makes things much more fun for the kids.
As a preschooler, Ryla gets to skip assembly and go straight to class. She pretty much owned the room as soon as she walked in.
I think Aidan was excited to be back at assembly. It's such a surprise that he managed to find a seat surrounded by girls... No, it's not a surprise. Aidan secretly views himself as a ladies man. He's usually got himself a strategic position to put out the vibe.
I think Aidan's super chill demeanor really embodies how they have both embraced school this year. They really do love being there, spending time with their friends, learning cool new things, and being able to do something that is about them as independent people.