Thursday, September 17, 2015

Noah (finally) Goes Back to Pre-School

Despite our best efforts, Noah is 100% the baby of the family in every way. This is the kid who can get away with murder...he's also the one most likely to commit one! He's our little explosion of energy and he lives with his passion bubble very close to the surface. These are all great things that we enjoy about Noah, but it should be mentioned that these traits do not mix well with a summer stuck at home! It's fair to say that Noah's return to Pre-School is a welcome event for everyone in the family and will go a long way toward helping us all live in peace and happiness. I just wished Noah seemed more excited about it.

If you pay attention to things like the date on a post, you'll notice that this is actually going up about a month after he started schools, so you'll be glad to know that the start of the year has been really great for him. He loves his friends, his teachers, and going to the office with dad. His teacher this year is the same teacher Aidan had in his first year of Pre-School, and Noah loves Mrs. Mangum just as much as Aidan did. In face, we keep having him correct us about how things are supposed to be done because that's how Mrs. Mangum said to do things.

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