Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ryla turns 5!

Ryla's 5?! Can you believe it?! It's hard to believe it is possible for her to be this big, but she will not allow us to forget that she is a full blown "big girl."
Since Ryla's birthday was on a Friday, she managed to drag out her birthday celebration for the entire weekend. The festivities began with a mani/pedi with grandma. The advice we gave Ryla before she left was to stop being so cute....she ignored us.
Ryla chose what we'd have for dinner Friday evening. With no hesitation she requested tater tot casserole. About the only thing she was asked to do over the course of the weekend was put the tater tots on top.
The next event of her birthday was a trip the the gym for some open gym time. Noah was able to go with her and she was also joined by her friend Adalyn.

Then came the birthday celebration proper. Complete with her friend Chloe, presents, and ice cream cake. 

Probably what we appreciate the most about Ryla is that as she grows older, she only grows sweeter. She's a gentle girl with a beautiful personality and a gorgeous smile. Much love to our little girl who makes our family better.

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