Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We had a pretty fantastic time enjoying family for Thanksgiving this year. We spent some time in Hutchinson, Wichita, and Oklahoma City. That's a lot of stops along the way, but all were filled with fun and good times. 
Aidan's favorite part of the trip was getting to shoot bb's with Papa. This guy is all boy and he wants to do all things awesome. 

Once it was too dark to shoot any more, the next best thing was to throw down in some chess. Aidan was just learning the game, but he picked it up remarkably well. Don't tell him, but he'll be getting his very own chess set from Papa for his birthday.
And then there were the quieter two. They found a good spot with Nana to read some stories and get some good cuddle time.
We got to Edmond on Wednesday and spent a great deal of time rough housing and causing trouble with the cousins. 
These 6 really enjoy spending time with one another. This was a special year because Lauren is old enough to play with the others now. Ryla, Noah, and Lauren spent hours playing together in Lauren's room and having a blast.

Then it was time to eat! Yeah, the tables pretty, but we all know that the food is what we're all waiting for
The kiddos even had the chance to sit at a decorated table. I don't know they fully appreciated how nice their table was. They also failed to appreciate the quality of the food they had. Kids....

A big thanks is in order to Uncle Darrel and Aunt Beth for hosting us for another Thanksgiving. They always make the holiday a great experience.

And after stuffing ourselves silly, it was time to get silly. The crew all took their turns playing Redi-whip roulette.

And the festivities were wrapped up by making the first Christmas present of the season. Each of the kiddos made a gift bottle to give to someone in need.


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