Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

Noah is awesome. We love this little guy and his big personality. He's that stereotypical strong willed kid that never really makes things easy. He has a good heart under his rebellion and defiance. And once he reaches the age where he's no longer a danger to himself he'll be good to go. The events that led to the picture below depict a typical day with this little animal. 

So mom and Noah are headed home from running some errands. As they near the house, Noah starts in with his usual string of "I want..." comments. These rants tend to be lengthy, passionate, and explosive. On this particular day he listed off a series of things that he wanted to do and mom responded by letting him know that he could do those later, but first he needed to head to quiet time.

Predictably, Noah takes the situation to Defcon 1 by informing his mother that she is a "mean mommy." Mom makes the appropriate show of force, offered in the form of promises of time out time for being mean. 

As mom pulls into the driveway, she is assaulted by screams and cries emanating from Noah's seat. She calmly opens his door and unbuckles his car seat. At the exact moment of his release from the confines of his seat, Noah launches himself out of the van, sprints across our yard toward the Neighbors house. He runs full out until he reaches their bushes. Without warning he comes to a crashing halt, drops his pants, and proceeds to pee ALL OVER THE NEIGHBORS BUSHES!!!!!!

This series of choices ended badly for Mr. Noah. After sever disciplinary actions were taken, he finally reached felt the emotion of remorse. And thus, we are offered this serene picture of a repentant child, promising to never do this again... or at least until mom and dad have irritated him forget his promise.

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