Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Noah's 4th Birthday

Our little Noah monster recently celebrated his 4th birthday. We're pretty excited to be out of the baby stage, but it's very strange to see how this little guy continues to grow and change. The one constant with this guy is that he never does what we expect. 

Birthday celebrations began by going to Mt. Playmore with his buddy Owen. These two pretty much follow each other around- except on this particular day. Noah said he wanted to go to Mt. Playmore with Owen, but what he meant was that he wanted to go to Mt. Playmore at the same time as Owen and remain mostly on opposite sides of the building.
Once we got to the arcade section, Noah had much more fun. Air hockey was for sure his favorite.

Dad says that Noah asked to play the racing game, but it doesn't really look like Noah cares too much about it. But dad would never use his little Noah for an excuse to play.
And after an adventure to Mt. Playmore, it was time for Noah to pick out a movie for us all to watch together. It needs to be noted that all the movies are clearly displayed in the cabinet and there is no need to pull them out. This is just how Noah does things, though.
For nearly 2 months leading up to his birthday, Noah constantly asked us when the Easter Bunny was going to come. We eventually decided to just let his presents be from the Easter Bunny in hopes that he would drop and we could talk about something else besides how many days it was until Easter.

Noah is, hands down, the king of crafts in our house. He can nearly always be found with scissors, glue, tape, or markers. This make him immensely easy to shop for.

When we asked Noah what kind of cake he wanted he said he didn't want a cake- he wanted ice cream sandwiches. Like I said, he is unpredictable.


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