Monday, February 1, 2016

The Little Things

Time for a moment of honesty. Most nights around our house are not exceptionally fun. We do all the usual stuff: have dinner, talk about the day, clean up, take baths, read books, go to bed. But from time to time, there are those special days where the stars align and everything just seems right with the world. When those special nights find us, we tend to make the most of them. Here's a sampling of what one of our recent family nights looked like. Now, for the first pic, you need to look real close to find Noah's tiny feet sticking out of the pile. The rest of him is buried under 70 pounds of brother and sister.

I won't lie, it's possible that one of the things that made this night possible was the chance for Aidan and mom to go with one of Aidan's best friends to see Star Wars...again. At the Moviehouse & Eatry...again. 


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