Thursday, June 9, 2016

Oh Preschool

Well, we graduated another one fro Preschool this year. Ryla recently had her end of year program and graduation. She absolutely loved being in class with Miss Tamara and Miss Laura. She had so much fun learning, playing, trying new things, and hanging out with Adalyn and Blake. 

She was very excited to tell everyone that she'd be going to Fern Bluff Elementary and planned on being a gymnastics coach when she grew up.

We've only got one more year left with a kiddo in PreK. It's a bit strange to think about no longer doing drop off and pick up a couple of days a week. Noah is really excited to be in Miss Tamara's class this coming year, but he will really be sad to not be in Miss Mangum and Miss Arafeh's class. He loved these two ladies so much.

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