Thursday, June 9, 2016

Soccer Season

We were so excited for Aidan and Noah to play soccer this season. Aidan loves soccer! It was a really great experience for him. He got to have to practices and a game each week. The win for mom and dad was that practice was right across the street from the house. Another fun perk was all the friends he had from school that were on his team. 

Noah was slightly less excited about soccer than Aidan, but end the end he had a great time. After a couple of games struggling to keep him on the field, we bribed him with a snow cone if he scored a goal, and it worked! Once he knocked his first one in, he had a completely different experience. It ended up being a really fun season for him and he made a really good little friend who lives down the street from us and will be in Kindergarten with him. 


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