Monday, December 22, 2008

37 and a half week checkup

Well it was a lot of work but Cliff managed to shovel enough snow to get us to my doctor's appointment this morning. Last Wednesday we got 24 inches. Saturday to Sunday brought another 9 and last night we got another 4. It is pretty crazy around here. Unfortunately our garage entrance is in the alley which makes things even that much more difficult. Luckily we had one of our friends from church come over with a snow blower on Friday and that was a big help to Cliff. We also have access to a four wheel drive truck if we need it but thanks to my very tired husband we should be okay.

At our doctors appointment Aidan's heartbeat was 161, which is very good, and he was measuring at 38 centimeters. And I lost half a pound (which is exciting to me, as long as our little one is still growing). After my exam he told us that I am 2 centimeters dilated and 80 percent effaced. We are obviously new at this so we weren't quite sure what that meant as far as timing was concerned. Our doctor told us that was a little ahead of the game though so we were excited. We don't necessarily want a Christmas baby but having him before January would be quite all right with us. After talking to my mom, however, she informed me that it was not abnormal for her to be 2 centimeters dilated three weeks before she was due so who knows what will happen. Cliff asked what we could do to speed things up and he recommended walking. Being that this is not easy for us right now due to the weather, we decided to improvise. Gazey has been having cabin fever so we went home and got her and headed up to the church building. She ran around the auditorium for about 30 minutes, which she loved, while I did my 30 minute speed walk. We are now back at home for the evening. Cliff is currently on the roof trying to get rid of some of this snow to prevent leeks. I'm hoping he will come down soon and just relax. He deserves it!!!!!

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Holly Packer said...

I can't believe how close you are!! So exciting!! I better get a text or a call when Aidan decides to make his grand appearance!!!