Monday, February 23, 2009

Gram's Visit

So it's my turn to make a post on this fancy little page. It's been an eventful month and I'm a bit behind in things I wanted to mention. My mom was able to make a quick trip out to Spokane to get her first glimpse at Aidan. We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. We were sad that her visit only lasted a few days. It was fun to see her hanging out with her first grand baby. One of the fun things that came out of her visit was that she got the first picture we have of Aidan smiling...nice work mom.



Anna said...

He is soo cute, can't believe how much he has changed!


Ryla said...

He looks so cute! He is getting so big, and looks even bigger with real clothes on not just a sleeper!! I am so glad that your mom got to go see you all!!

Rebekah said...

Cliff he is so cute smiling I can't believe how big he is getting!!!