Sunday, July 4, 2010

18 months

Can't believe our little guy is 18 months already. Cliff and I simply can't get enough of him!!! We are able to interact more with him everyday. His vocabulary has gotten pretty big. He can basically repeat everything we say if he is in the right mood. My favorite thing he does right now is when I ask for hugs and kisses he will give me a hug and kiss me on the mouth. Then i will say "I love you Aidan," and he will either say "love you" or "thank you." He is weighing in at 26 pounds but not quite sure of his height. His favorite food right now is fresh fruit. He eats it with almost every meal. He LOVES strawberries, blueberries, bananas and grapes especially. We are having to sneak his veggies in when we can. He also loves his "baba" or bottle. We have been trying to ween him off of the bottle for several months now but have not had much success quite yet. I think it is more discipline on our part.....He is also learning what a baby is. Good friends of our just had a baby about a month ago and he has taken quite a liking to her. He is very gentle and very curious. Right now, however, when we ask him where the baby is he keeps patting Cliff's stomach. LOL. Well that's all I can think of off hand. We will be going home to see both sets of grandparents in two weeks so I'm looking forward to that. He are a few pics I got on his year and half birthday last week.

Somebody found mama's makeup bag....

Saying a quick "hello."

Enjoying a snack while he plays outside.

His new favorite thing to do right now is grab a bag, come find me and say "gotta go" and then goes to the door turns around and says bye bye and tries to get out the door. Too cute


Phifer Family said...

Jonas had that York shirt. I am looking forward to Tinzley getting to 18 months. It IS SO much fun when they start talking. My advice on the bottle at this point? Cold turkey! Good luck!

Ryla said...

"Gotta go" I love it!! What a funny little boy!! So fun that he is talking so much! We are excited for Judson to start.