Thursday, July 8, 2010


So Aidan got his 18 month check up today. I knew that the doctor would ask about his bottle use. Last time Cliff took Aidan alone and didn't get an explanation for having to take the bottle away. Today when we asked he said it was because now that he has teeth, the sucking pulls out the sugar from the milk and goes into their teeth causing easier tooth decay. Well I have never felt soguilty. Thanks to my friend Amy though, we were able to get some helpful hints to help get him off the bottle. She said that she would let her little guy help her make his sippy cup and that she would water down his bottle so that it would not taste good to him. (I should have asked for suggestions a long time ago, but he never even had a bottle til he was 12 months since i breastfed for a year) Anyway, tonight i asked him if he wanted some milk. He got really excited as usual. I took him over to the fridge and took out the carton. I had him help me unscrew the cap. Then he held the sippy cup while I poured in the milk. He was very excited about helping! He took it right away and I was relieved!!! He has had many sippy cups, usually during a meal. But he is very used to his baba before bed so this was a huge success!!! So thanks Amy! Appreciate the help.


davisclan said...

Yeay! So glad it helped you all!

Ryla said...

So glad that you are making progress and do not feel guilty, some kids are just harder to break than others. Next time if you are able to breast feed until a year you could just go straight to a sippy and skip the bottle that is what many of my other friends have done. Just an idea!