Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip Home

Aidan and I got back Monday from our 11 day trip to Missouri and Kansas. The traveling was interesting this time around. He is still young enough to fly for free but it was somewhat difficult with my 6 month pregnant belly. But as usual, he did great on all 4 flights. I didn't take as many pics as I should have and am really kicking myself for that but here are some. We had a very relaxing time visiting with family. Aidan enjoyed his time there as he got to go to the water park a couple of times (which he loves), had cooking classes with both Grandma and Nana, ate his first icecream cone and tomatoe (which he ate like an apple), and had a piano lesson from Papa. All in all a great time. Our next trip home will be in February with our new little one. I have been averaging a 3 to 4 month trip home since our move to Spokane, so this will be the longest break yet. Luckily, Nana and Papa are coming when the baby is born and Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas time. On a side note, we had our 24 week check up to day and everything is going great.


The Ferguson Family said...

I love the picture of him holding a tomato. He is so cute!

s&sjohnson08 said...

Aiden is a stud! LOVE the picture of him in his diaper eating the tomato!

Ryla said...

Oh what fun!! I wish that Judson would like the water like Aidan does!! I love the picture of him standing with his legs crossed, what a little man!! So glad you had a great trip!! Missing you!!