Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 in 1

I feel very behind in my blogging so I have 3 posts in one tonight and will probably do Christmas tomorrow...... We got our table on Thursday and I love it. It fits so much better in the space. We have had three meals there already with Cliff's parents and we all fit with lots of room. It fits 6 comfortably and when I add the leaf it fits 8. Very fun for having people over.

I also was finally able to catch a pic of Ryla smiling the other day. It is only a half smile but at least I got something on camera.

Finally, we got some window markers for Aidan for Christmas and he has been loving them. I would fully recommend them for all mothers of kiddos this age. They wipe right off and keep him entertained forever. It has been perfect for when I am cooking dinner.

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