Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great time with Halloween this year. Luckily I still haven't had to search/pay for a costume since we have had some fun hand me downs from the VanVoorhis family. Aidan got to choose from several in his closet and he has been talking about Spiderman for weeks. On Saturday night we went to our friends the Dupeys for their annual Halloween party. It was great as usual. Unfortunately me missed our church's Harvest party because Cliff was reeeeealy sick. But we did get to go trick or treating at our friends the Hentons last night on the Air Force Base. The streets are swarmed with families and no traffic which is so wonderful. It reminds me of one of those scenes from television in the super cutsie neighborhoods with everyone out participating. Anyway.....Aidan actually understood what was going on this year and had a blast! He wouldn't let Cliff or I go up to the houses with him. He wanted to do it all by himself :) Ryla was a trooper in her costume and enjoyed a nice stroller ride for the event.
At the Dupey Halloween party!
Halloween 2010

This year!!!

Trick or Treating around the Air Force Base

Looking over his mini treasure of candies....

Comparisons of my cuties in the same outfit around the same age. Ryla is 11 and a half months and Aidan was 10 months.

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Ryla said...

Yay for hand me downs!! We we given Judson's outfit for this year too! Such a huge blessing!!