Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryla!!!

My Little Ryla turns 1 today!!!! It's hard to believe since she is just still so little! We go in for her check up next week so I will be able to give some stats then. At one year she is wearing 9-12 months clothes, size 3 shoe, and a size 3 diaper. She is sleeping through the night about 75% of the time. If she wakes up, it is to have one bottle and has been going back to sleep pretty well after that. She is still not the biggest eater. She typically has some sort of grain in the morning, baby food at lunch, and and yogurt, fruit, or whatever we are eating for supper time. We switched her over to whole milk a couple of weeks ago and she is doing great with that. We will be switching her over to a sippy cup soon but will probably keep the bottle for night time feedings. She loves to clap and also thinks that when anyone else claps, they are doing it for her. She has the biggest smile you have ever seen. She has 4 teeth (2 on the bottom and 2 on top). Her hair is still a pretty red. It is getting much thicker but not any longer yet. She crawls like a speed demon and we think is getting pretty close to walking. She can say da da and ma ma and knows what they mean She also jumps up and down whenever daddy gets home.

If anyone were to ask me how to describe my little girl I would tell them that she is one of the most genuinely happy babies I have seen. There is not 10 minutes that goes by when I don't see her with that super grin of hers. Everyone often comments on her cheeks and I think a large part of that is because they are always pushed up high from smiling. She has been such a blessing to our little family and I couldn't imagine my life without her!!


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Ryla said...

I LOVE HER!! She is just so cute!!