Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noah's Room

Well I title this blogpost Noah's room because he doesn't have a nursery. Cliff and I thought ALOT about how we were going to do the room situation and after thinking of every possibility, finally came up with a solution. Our first thought was to move Aidan downstairs to our 4th bedroom. However, we decided against this because even though he will be the oldest of three kids, he is just still way to young. If there were a fire or some other emergency we didn't feel he would know what to do. We also just liked the idea of having all the kids on the same floor as us. We then thought about putting a second crib in either Aidan or Ryla's room but decided against this because we didn't want to mess with them waking each other up. So......I then decided that Noah could just stay in our room. This wasn't a huge deal considering that we have done this with the other two....but that was only for a few weeks. This is going to be an adjustment because it will probably be up to 6 months. Ryla is no where near ready to move out of a crib so we would like to wait til she is around 20 months to put her in a bigger bed. We moved Aidan at 18 months and he did great.

So now the plan is to purchase bunkbeds for Aidan's room in the next 4 months or so. When Ryla is big enough she will go in with Aidan on the bottom bunk and we will use her pretty pink nursery (poor Noah) for Noah until he is able to go in the bunkbeds with Aidan. This means that for about a year or so Ryla will be in a room with Aidan. We will keep all her stuff in her room, she will just sleep in Aidan's room. It's not exactly how I pictured it going but as I said we feel it is the best solution so we can have all our kiddos close to us.

It has been pretty nice, however, to not have to worry about doing ANOTHER nursery. I have done three now (with the move) in three years so I don't feel sad about it. It was hard, however, because I am going through my nesting stage and I didn't feel that I had too much to do which left me feeling unprepared. It is such a blessing that Aidan and Noah are born in the same season and that I thankfully had not gotten rid of Aidan's clothes yet. So he was totally set in that department. So when I was talking to some women at church about a shower I told them I didn't really think it was necessary but that we could benefit from some gift cards to get him a little bed for our room. The church gave us some of the giftcards a couple of weeks ago so that we could go ahead and purchase the bed for Noah.

The bed was another stressor several months ago. I looked into mini cribs but they were still pretty big to go in our room. Our room is already small as it is. The bedding for mini cribs is also very expensive and hard to find. We then looked into playpens. We have two playpens but I really wanted one that had a bottom that you could raise so that I wouldn't have to bend down so far so much. We had decided on that but then set up one of our playpens in our room and it still seemed pretty tight. So then I found a GRACO light pac n play. This is the same thing as we had found before but just a little bigger than a bassinet. We had used an actual bassinet for the other two but once they can roll over you can't use them anymore. With the mini pac n play it has three adjustments for newborn, infant, and then up to 20 pounds. I fell in love with it. I got it in last week and set it up and it looks like it is going to work out perfectly. I was especially happy to see how thick the pad was. I think he will be very comphy. I then cleaned out my dresser and was able to downsize to give him a couple of drawers just for him. I was able to get everything to fit with just having to put some of his church outfits in Ryla's closet. So now they can each have their own room and nap times should not be so much of an issue. (Still crazy to me that I will have three kids who will all take long naps!!!)

We also got a nice surprise on XMAS eve. A lady from our church called and said that she heard we were in need of another glider with our upcoming addition. Her kids are now older and she didn't need hers anymore. We went to pick it up and it is amazing. It is a really nice one from Babies R Us and you can't even tell it has been used. We set it up where our XMAS tree was and it fits perfectly. So we now still can keep Ryla's glider in her room and have a place to rock Noah in the middle of the night without having to go into her room. Such a blessing.

We are getting so close and it still does not seem real. I have my 36 week check up in a couple of weeks already. Ryla has just started sleeping through the night in the last month or so which has been great. Took her one month less than Aidan...LOL. She has taken several steps but don't know if I would say she is walking yet. Aidan is doing great and has been saying a lot less that he doesn't want baby Noah to come out which is good. All in all we are ready to become a family of five. Just a few more odds and ends to take care of!!

His two drawers.

The only complaint I found online about the pac n play was that people couldn't find a sheet small enough for it. I ended up buying a cover for a changing pad that worked out perfectly!
This is one of my favorite things....It fits threw the doors without having to take it down!


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Ryla said...

I am glad you have been able to get it all figured out. I am sure it is so nice to have a plan. The mini pack in play looks like it will work great! And I hope that long after Noah comes Aidan keeps taking long naps so that you can too or at least have a break every day. I love that both my boys sleep 2-3 hours at the same time everyday!!