Saturday, December 3, 2011


I finished filming a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of fun. They hired me for 3 days but it ended up being 4 days which was really nice to see in my paycheck. They were long days and one day I filmed until 2 in the morning but all together a very enjoyable experience. One thing I didn't anticipate was how many items I would have to be hooked up to. Since we were shooting the scenes for nursing students everything had to look exactly right as far as monitors and such. So for every scene I was hooked up to a blood pressure cuff, heart monitor, contraction monitor, IV, and that thing that hooks on to the end of your finger (can't remember what it was for). The fun part of that was that I got to listen to little guy's heart beat for 4 days straight.

There was one scene where I was "coding" and having seizures the entire scene. I think I did well but the leader of the code team was having a lot of trouble getting his lines right which meant a lot of seizing for me. By the end of shooting that scene I had a major head ache. LOL. There is a picture of me below looking not so happy in between takes. I really enjoyed the crew. They were very nice and fun to work with. A lot of the other actresses would ask me what agency I worked with. I always replied with...."ugh Craigslist." I didn't even know Spokane had talent agencies. It's kind of funny to me. The producer asked if she could call on me again to work on another project and I said "Sure but I will not be pregnant...." LOL.


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