Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coming Together.

So I am thrilled to tell everyone that things seem to be coming together quite nicely for our move to Austin.  We pack up Monday and head out Tuesday morning.  It's amazing how many things Cliff and I have been so stressed about that have all worked out in the last week or so.  First I should tell you that Cliff and I decided to rent out our home here instead of selling because the market still isn't the greatest and we knew we were going to rent in Austin for 1-3 years so there was really no rush in selling.  So.....the first thing we needed to do was find a home to rent in Austin and rent out our home here.  When we went down to Austin over Memorial Day Weekend we had a real estate agent show us some homes for rent.  At that time we thought we needed it for an August 1st move in date.  We found this one (pictured below) and reallllly loved it.  However, we found out that there were already several applications on it being processed and that if we wanted it we would have to rent it out for July.  This was not something Cliff and I wanted to do but we also did not want to fly down there again to look at more rentals and it was really important to me that since we could be living in it for more than one year that I actually get to see the house first hand as well as the neighborhood.  So we decided to go ahead and put in an application.  Later that week we were very excited to here that we were chosen for the home and that they were even allowing our sweet dog Luther to be there even though it said no pets.  Little did we know that we would find out about a week later that we had to be there July 1st instead of August.  So it worked out wonderfully!!!!

The home is a 4 bedroom 2 bath.  It has a really nice size eat in kitchen so I will be able to turn the formal dining room area into a playroom for the kids.  The master bedroom is huge with two walk in closets, a garden tub, shower, and dual vanity.  The kitchen leaves something to be desired but it will be fine.  One of the best things is the neighborhood.  Some great shopping very close (including Super Target!!!) and a short commute for Cliff!

Next on our list was renting out our home.  I was not too excited about this but knew it was what we needed to do.  We hired a property management company to take care of everything which has been a great choice.  When we told him that we wanted to try and get it rented out by July 1st he said he would try but since that was only a couple weeks away he didn't know.  We found out this morning it has been rented out and for July 1st!!!!  Best of all, it is to a newly married couple who are Christians and that we got to meet.  I had so much peace after I met them because I knew they would take good care of the home!

There have also been so many little things that have worked themselves out....For example we have to buy a fridge for the rental home and the money we made from selling off some furniture we don't need anymore pays the exact amount we need for the fridge.  Also we thought it would be a good idea to get a GPS for me cause Austin is HUGE and as a partying gift a church member gave us one!!!  Just little things that are making this transition so much easier for us.

Finally I am so excited for our actual move because we get to see some friends and family along the way.  It is going to be a five day trip so that we only have to drive around 6 hours a day for the kiddos. We will be spending one our nights in Denver with our good friends the Packers.  It will be so nice for Ryla and Aidan to be able to run around all day and get out some energy other than a hotel.  We also get to spend and evening with my oldest brother and my parents in Wichita.  This is also awesome as neither of my brother's families have met Noah yet.  Finally we are stopping for lunch at my brother Darrel's house on our last day.  Really looking forward to it.  We will spend the night in a hotel on Saturday night in Austin then get up to go to church there the next morning.  Cliff is technically not working that day so this will allow us to get the kids familiar with their classes and the church together. We then will head over to the rental to unload.  It will be a busy day but we are excited!!!!!

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Ryla said...

Oh my goodness I really need to make sure I look at this more!! I feel so much more informed now!! :) I hope that the trip did go great!! so excited that you were able to see friends and family along the way!! And what a blessing to have a house to rent and that you were able to rent yours out and feel good about the people that are living there!!