Monday, June 4, 2012

Noah at 4 Months!

Noah turned 4 months at the end of last week.  He is a biiiig little boy!  He has the cutest little laugh which I was able to get a little of on camera.  Unfortunately, his cough is STILL here.  I feel so terrible for my little guy.  He has had it now for 3 months and it has not gotten any better.  It wakes him up 2 to 3 times a night and then I usually have to nurse him to get him back down.  There have been a couple nights that his cough hasn't been so bad and he only wakes up once so we still keep praying that he will get through it soon so that he can get some sleep.  However, he remains one of the happiest babies ever.    He is such a trooper!!!  He reminds me a lot of his brother at this age.  They are both so easy going and all you really have to do is look at him and he smiles at you.


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