Monday, January 7, 2013

Aidan turned 4 on New Years Eve!!!  He got the big party for this year.  We decided to do a fireman birthday party due to his obsession with rescuers.  I was able to grab a few ideas on Pinterest and I think it went really well!!  We found a company here in Austin that rents out Firetrucks for parties.     About 20 minutes after the guests arrived we heard the siren and the kids went crazy.  They were even more surprised to see the firetruck park outside our house!  

 Right after the firetruck got to our house the fireman got out and asked for the birthday boy.  Aidan was by then speechless.  He shook his hand and then got to try on his hat!

 He then had all the kids head into the firetruck to check it out.

Aidan was told he was the captain and got to sit up front a lot and honk the horn.  I'm sure the neighbors loved us!

 He then told all the kids that they could go for a ride!!!!  This was a big hit!  They all took their seats and away we went.  He even turned the sirens on for us which was great!

After we got back he gave a fire safety demonstration.  He asked what you should do in the case of a fire in which Aidan replied that you should make balls of fire to shoot at bad guys!!!
 Then cake, ice-cream, and presents of course!!!

 We then had a hose race.  The fireman showed the kids how to unroll the hoses and had Aidan demonstrate how to roll it up.  We then put the kids on each of them and had them race!

 The dads also had a race which was hilarious!

Next the fireman got out a fire extinguisher!  You can tell by Aidan's face it was a hit!

 The finale was another ride in the firetruck and then he was off!  The kids ran down the street telling him Bye!!  It was such a great party and Aidan had the time of his life!!!


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Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a party. It is so much fun to see your pics. Thanks for sending one to the church! We LOVE it. Linda Miller