Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Climber

So Noah has decided that he is going to be a world champion CLIMBER!  We cannot keep him from climbing ANYTHING!!!!  Just yesterday Aidan asked me if he could go in the backyard and play and I told him that he could but that I just needed to go get something out of the bathroom and then we would go.  Two seconds later I heard Aidan screaming for me to come quick.  Aidan had decided not to wait for me and unlocked the back door where in turn Noah had climbed down to the backyard and was about to climb onto the highest step of the play place when I caught him in midair.  He would have for sure have missed the last step as it is bigger than the others and I don't even want to guess what would have happened.  SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!!  We also can't keep him in a stroller, park swing, his highchair, or a shopping cart without him attempting to jump out of it.  He can even get himself out of all the harnesses.  Cliff caught him in mid air diving off the back of his high chair!  I never had trouble with this at all with the other two so this came as quite the shocker for Cliff and I.  Makes me VERY curious about his personality....LOL


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Beth said...

I have one word for you: Ben.

Good luck. :)