Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter in Texas

I have to say I have been loving our first Winter in Texas.  We spend a good part of our day outside!!!! Noah had his ONE year bday this week and I still need to post on that but until then here are some pics to update you on our week!

Our landlords bought new blinds for the entire house but the best part was that I got to pick them all out!!!  Noah was excited about the box and Ryla and Aidan were excited about the bubble wrap!

Noah likes to hang out at the end of the slide making his brother and sister mad at him as they can never go down it.

So they decided to join him!  Aidan, as you can see, is playing fire fighter as usual.

He got to have his "quiet time" in the bath with his pirate ship.  Very happy little boy!

Alway looking for a way to make bath time more fun!

On our way to and from the park we always run into lots of dogs.  This makes my kids so happy!!  They keep asking for one but just not ready quite yet!

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