Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter is kind of a big deal around our house- and it's not because of the candy! What we love about Easter in our family is the chance to experience this holiday as something special and sacred. Sure, we've got the coordinating outfits, obligatory "aren't our kids cute" pics, and baskets of candy. But the bulk of our Easter celebration is spent celebrating and embracing resurrection. The highlight is always that chance to share the experience with good friends. 

Noah decided that the photo session went a bit too long. It's good to know that he's not the passive aggressive type. He pretty much lets us know with total certainty that he fully hates what he's experiencing. Ryla did her best to force him into compliance, but that's a lot of hostility to reign in....

This year we had a really special opportunity to spend the holiday with our good friends Jess & Kirby Dunagan. Our kids really do love hanging out with each other, and we enjoy our time with Jess and Kirby just as much as the kids enjoy their time together. What's great about time with the Dunagans' is that Kirby is that you learn a lot. The guy is pretty awesome at just about everything. And Jess may just be one of the smartest people I know. Their absolutely the type of people that make us better.
This picture was miraculous captured in the one millisecond that all the children were still, together, and smiling. It's really an Easter miracle that this exists. Sure, the kids were excited to be together, but what they were really ready for were the overloaded plates of mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped ham (we'll always be in your debt for that incredible combination of pork goodness)!

Our kids unanimously agree that Easter egg hunting is the most ridiculously awesome experience in the world. They do it with phenomenal enthusiasm and excellence. And another big shout out to our Kirby for the top shelf photos of the event. I really don't know many people who can build souped up Power Wheels, make awesome bacon wrapped food, and take professional quality pictures. 

Easter 2015 was really a great experience. This one really seemed to capture all that Easter is intended to be. We're grateful for the fantastic people we have in our lives, the great friends are kids have made, and the incredible life we get to enjoy.


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