Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Packer Fun

Back in the glory days of our time at ACU, two of our favorite people to hang out with were Collin and Holly Packer. After several years of begins spread across the country from one another, we're finally back within driving distance. We were really excited to jump on our first chance to run up the road to Dallas to get some time with some great friends. 

This is really the first time that we've spent any real time together with each of us having our three kiddos, and it was pretty hilarious to watch how much fun they had playing with each other.

Of course Ryla would be drawn to the baby... These two spent most of the afternoon with one another giggling and having a ball.

This really sums up the level of crazy fun that we had with our time together. Lots of laughs, a great chance to catch up with great friends, and a chance for some great new friendships to be established. Looking forward to many more road trips in our future.

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