Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

There's no denying that we're fortunate to live in one of the coolest cities around. A great highlight is being able to enjoy the culture and excitement of our good ol' Longhorns. We had the chance to go UT baseball game with our buddies the McWherter's. It is always a blast to hang with Casey and McKenna. Those two take the party with them wherever they go and graciously allow us to pretend to be as cool as they are.

Of all the things we've done since being here in Austin, this was one of the most unique and exciting things we've done. Now, it took a little practice, but the munchkins were able to figure out how to represent the home team (with various levels of ability and coolness).

It's hard to say what Aidan enjoyed more- the night at the ball park, or the chance to get a little one on one time with his girl Harlow.

UT brought the heat to the Sooners that night, and we loved every second of the action.

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